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Thought Virus preview

This piece was the first piece of POV-ray code I ever saw that was "iterative" and took advantage of the new "#while" directive in 3.0. It served as the inspiration for "adrift in void", "crystal of truth" and eventually, "remembered daydream". If my humble career in POV-ray art is ever to be examined and critiqued, this probably served as the most influential code that I ever saw.

Raffi Krikorian GNU -- virus.pov
The Crystal of Truth preview

Composed for my friend Laura Staum on the occasion of her birthday. A nice example of a procedural, iterative way of percieving an everyday regular object like a diamond...

The Glyph GNU -- crystal.pov
The Temple of Ryph Heiphon Ra'ff preview

This temple was originally written by Raffi Krikorian, when he still had an account at TZ-Link (an ISP which is long-since defunct) and it had a long story to it. The code has since been extensively hacked, most notably for an assignment for my Computer Graphics class at Smith college, where I added the wineglass, the sword, the sky, fixed the centerpiece, made the columns look somewhat realistic (they had some serious problems before) and generally made it look nicer.

There were stories that accompanied this temple at one time, and perhaps one day there will be again -- but for now, it's a sort of monument to a time in my life which is largely forgotten. Its newfound renovation could be percieved as a cause for hope, a harkening back to the renaissance of youth... or just a lazy way of getting a good grade on an assignment in graphics class.

Which one it is is left as an exercise for the reader.

Raffi Krikorian (with LOTS of improvements by The Glyph) GNU -- templescene.pov, temple.inc, wineglass.inc, blade.inc
Remembered Daydream preview

I saw a friend of mine drawing a rose in Academic League (a high-school club) one day, and thought that the peculiar methodical way that they were drawing it leant itself to an algorythm for producing similiar roses.

I created a rather simple rose out of hemispheres, and presented it to this person the next day. They were impressed with both the terseness of the code and the elegance of the rose. Of course, I eventually lost the code...

Recently, I decided I really ought to re-code that rose, as it was probably the best piece of work in my whole POV-ray collection. So, here it is -- re-dedicated to that original friend. You know who you are. ^_^.

This rose has 24 petals.

The Glyph GNU -- rose.pov
Sword in the Silicon preview

This was my first major scene developed for public consumption. It's probably heavily symbolic, but the picture says it all...

The Glyph (temple object by Raffi Krikorian) GNU -- bladescene.pov, temple.inc, wineglass.inc, oldblade.inc, blade.inc, circuit.gif, chipback.gif
Bio-hazard Symbol preview

A fairly simple geometric figure -- a biohazard symbol.

The Glyph GNU -- biohazard.pov

Glyph Lefkowitz